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The Bernie Nicholls Foundation was founded to help underserved youth and their families.  In 1992 Bernie Nicholls and his wife had a son named Jack. In 1992 Jack passed away six days before his first birthday.  While Bernie didn’t have to face the financial burden of burying his child, he became aware that there are families that have no means to give their child a dignified burial.

The Bernie Nicholls Foundation has chosen this year  to raise funds to help families provide a dignified burial for their children when all hope is lost during these darkest days of their lives.  We are dedicated to helping those that are less fortunate and are facing challenges in their lives.  We will be holding Unforgettable events to benefit The Unforgettables Foundation in continuing their 20 year mission of helping these families.  We will be working with them to expand their efforts throughout North America.

 In addition to working with The Unforgettables Foundation, our foundation is dedicated to developing additional programs to help children that may be facing difficult challenges in life.

Learn More about the Bernie Nicholls Foundation Here: https://bernienichollsfoundation.org/
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“The mission of The Unforgettables Foundation is to assist at risk and grieving families with finances to
help them afford a timely and dignified funeral for their child.”

Learn More about the Unforgettables Foundation: http://unforgettables.org/
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